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Nine Eleven

The story behind the image Ricoh GR1, Fujifilm press 800 colour negative film, 28mm lens, unknown aperture & shutter speed .  .  . …”Everyone remembers what they were doing the moment they heard John F Kennedy had been assassinated” This is something I remember my mum mentioning on a number of occasions when I was […]


The story behind the image …In terms of my photography, the most common question I am asked is “What is your favourite picture that you’ve taken”.   It’s a very easy question to ask, but as those of you who shoot pictures regularly will no doubt understand, it’s an incredibly difficult one to answer. In order […]


The story behind the image …I shot this picture a couple of years ago whilst on a 4 week trip through the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.  Bhutan can be a complicated country in which to travel since, as a visitor you are required to take a guided tour as your means of travel through the […]

Absolutely Amazing!

Mongolia …Today was a great day. This morning I got up.  Had breakfast.  Brushed my teeth.  Picked up my cameras, and then rode across a snowy Gobi Desert on a camel.  Today just entered my top five best days of traveling. . . . Interested in more stories from Mongolia?  Try HERE TASEARCHMONGOLIA