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The story behind the image …Having spent the last few days here in Jakarta, I have been thinking a lot about my various trips to Indonesia over the years. I first came here backpacking with friends in my early twenties and I can say quite categorically that the experiences I had here changed the path […]

Mining the Inferno

Indonesia …Residents of Java are well accustomed to the presence of volcanoes in their lives.  Take a dawn climb to any one of the island’s 40 or so peaks, and a glance to either the east or the west of you will normally reveal a scene worthy of the set of Jurassic Park as you […]

Hunting for Whales

Indonesia …Indonesia is one of my favourite countries in the world.  I spent a lot of time here in my twenties, just roaming around, visiting as many as I could of the seventeen odd thousand islands that make up this immense archipelago.  Back then, coming to the remote island of Lembata would probably have involved […]