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The Storm That Never Came

Mongolia …Good news for Mongolians today.  A terrible snow storm that has been threatening to bring the whole country to a standstill never appeared as forecast by experts.  Good news for me too. Now the sun is out, planes are flying and I am currently sprawled across three Aeroflot seats at 37 000 ft looking forward to […]

The Perils of Filming in the Desert

Mongolia …Filming in the Gobi Desert is an unpredictable science as our cameraman Terry discovered to his misfortune today.  What for him began as a serene day of filming the scavenger wildlife attracted by a nearby camel carcass, ended up as race against the clock to reach poor Terry as both he and his camouflage […]

Absolutely Amazing!

Mongolia …Today was a great day. This morning I got up.  Had breakfast.  Brushed my teeth.  Picked up my cameras, and then rode across a snowy Gobi Desert on a camel.  Today just entered my top five best days of traveling. . . . Interested in more stories from Mongolia?  Try HERE TASEARCHMONGOLIA

A Footprint in the Sand

A Footprint in the Sand

Will Mother Earth miss us when we’re gone?