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Boys to Men

Boys to Men

The story of two young men from opposite sides of the world who both appeared in the BBC’s Human Planet

The Urban Jungle

India …After the last few weeks of misadventures in Ladakh, I finally said my farewells to our Mountains team a couple of days ago, leaving them nursing their blisters and brittle noses in our Delhi apartment.  Forty kilograms of luggage lighter, I decided to backpack it alone to my next destination of Jaipur, but not […]

The School Run

Zanskar …Every now and then, as a photographer I shoot a story that really touches me deeply.  You can never tell which one it’s going to be and often you only realize it when you are looking back through your pictures in hindsight.  Sitting here in the warmth of my hotel room, I have to […]

Back in Ladakh

India …I have been here in Ladakh for 3 days already but today was the first day I’ve actually managed to get out and do a bit of sight-seeing.  This has been due to the inevitable bout of altitude sickness that has inflicted me these past few days like many people who travel here directly […]

Boy and Nature

Boy and Nature

Mongolia …There are two frequently quoted buzz words in the Human Planet offices… man, and nature.  By man, we are of course colloquially referring to the human race and not just the male denomination of our species.  By nature, folk here tend to be alluding to animals in the first instance, and then to our environment if the zoological […]

Hooked on Travelling

Hooked on Travelling

Mongolia …I am actually writing you this post from my home in Bristol, UK.  I got back from Mongolia two days ago via a rather overdue trip to the tropical diseases clinic in London in order to have a small community of uninvited parasitic squatters exorcised from my backside.  The good news for me was […]

City Slickers

City Slickers

Mongolia …Riding a horse in Mongolia has been a secret ambition of mine for a few years now.  Well, to be more precise, riding a horse across Mongolia actually, an aspiration that I knew I would never realize on this short trip, but one that has since become a permanent fixture at the top of my […]

No Place Like Home

Mongolia …For some people who were brought up living sedentary lives, the urge to travel is irresistible.  I think that I am one of those people.  I have long maintained that this desire stems from an undeniable fire within the souls of each and every one of us that compels us to search out new […]

Sisters’ Meal Festival

The story behind the image …A lot of people have been asking me about this image, a cropped version of which appears on the masthead of this blog, so here’s the story of how it came about.   I shot this photograph in 2007 whilst on a 2 month tour of south west China.  It was […]


The story behind the image …I shot this picture a couple of years ago whilst on a 4 week trip through the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.  Bhutan can be a complicated country in which to travel since, as a visitor you are required to take a guided tour as your means of travel through the […]

The Storm That Never Came

Mongolia …Good news for Mongolians today.  A terrible snow storm that has been threatening to bring the whole country to a standstill never appeared as forecast by experts.  Good news for me too. Now the sun is out, planes are flying and I am currently sprawled across three Aeroflot seats at 37 000 ft looking forward to […]

Life Between the Rushes

Mongolia …After spending a little time in rural Mongolia you will soon realise that the pace of life in this enchanting place is beautifully slow and serene. Offering up this aspect of the human condition to the viewing public is a very hard thing to do in both photography and film because our media has […]

What’s in a Camp?

Mongolia …Just in case you were wondering, here’s a little glimpse inside a base camp on a Human Planet shoot.  As you can see we have 3 gers (a Mongolian tent) between our team of nine – Director, fixer, cameraman, sound, cook, guide, 2 drivers and me.  Right to left we have the kitchen ger, […]

The Perils of Filming in the Desert

Mongolia …Filming in the Gobi Desert is an unpredictable science as our cameraman Terry discovered to his misfortune today.  What for him began as a serene day of filming the scavenger wildlife attracted by a nearby camel carcass, ended up as race against the clock to reach poor Terry as both he and his camouflage […]

Absolutely Amazing!

Mongolia …Today was a great day. This morning I got up.  Had breakfast.  Brushed my teeth.  Picked up my cameras, and then rode across a snowy Gobi Desert on a camel.  Today just entered my top five best days of traveling. . . . Interested in more stories from Mongolia?  Try HERE TASEARCHMONGOLIA

A Footprint in the Sand

A Footprint in the Sand

Will Mother Earth miss us when we’re gone?