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Los Angeles

Chateaux Marmont Hotel.  West Hollywood’s homage to the Loire Valley

… I’ve been in L.A. for the last week doing some press for the launch of Human Planet in the USA tonight on the Discovery Channel.  One of the most enjoyable was a piece we filmed for NBC’s Carson Daly show, a late night magazine programme that appears to be something akin to a less cynical version of the old Channel 4 show ‘The Word’ for those of you Brits that can remember back that far…

Oh… and without anything remotely resembling ‘The Hopefuls’ you’ll be please to know.

Anyway, interestingly the whole programme is shot on Canon digital SLRs, which was an eye opener for me at least… along with the fact that there are snow-capped peaks overlooking Hollywood, something I discovered for the first time whilst we were shooting the sequence on top of the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood.

That wasn’t the only exciting new thing I discovered here on this trip, and as a result, from now on I vow never to cast my sneering judgemental eye upon any American tourists is see walking aimlessly down West London’s Portobello Road looking for the blue door from ‘Notting Hill’…

psssst!… The Dresden is a real place! … and Marty and Elayne are real people who still work there 5 nights a week!

My mind boggles…  as the eyes of the Los Angeleans amongst you roll back in their sockets…

Anyway, more on that in my next post along with news of the other somewhat sad American pilgrimage that I am about to embark upon… a mission to find Buellton in Santa Barbara County and order a bottle of Highliner in the ‘Hitching Post’.  In the meantime, here’s my bit from Carson Daly.

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  1. Jacob Maentz says:

    Congrats man…well deserved and I enjoyed listening to your commentary.

  2. Incredibly inspiring work. Just brilliant. Loved the Carson Daly spotlight.

  3. Dave Griffiths says:

    Amazing stuff Tim. And fancy stumbling across a video of you on the Carson Daly show !! Weird indeed.
    Would be cool to get in touch.
    In awe of your images mate.

  4. Wendy Turner says:

    Great interview which I’m now going to share with my facebook friends 🙂 I love your enthusiasm for your work it is very inspiring.

  5. Trent says:

    6 days

  6. Andrew Newey says:

    Well deserved recognition! Before I forget, is there anyone in the Highlands region of PNG you want a copy of Human Planet passing on to?

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