Take a Deep Breath

Sabah, Malaysia

Sulbin, master free diver... seen here using a rock to obtain neutral buoyancy

… In anticipation of the premiere of Human Planet, the BBC has today released three teaser clips from the Oceans episode which be the first of the eight to be broadcast next week.  My favourite one is an extraordinary clip of Bajau free diver Sulbin, as he takes a dive to 20 metres with his spear gun and surfaces two and a half minutes later with his catch.  I was fortunate enough to dive with Sulbin on a number of occasions  during the filming of this sequence and this clip has reminded me just what an incredible water man he is.

Take notice that after the initial cut at 0.40 as he begins his dive, this shot was done in only one take.  Hats off to cameraman Simon who stays with the action and nails the final money shot even after a quick look at Sulbin’s feet walking across the sea bed… a risky choice in a shot like this, but one that pays off fantastically here I think.  Here’s the clip…

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  2. alien13 says:

    Its amazing.

  3. raquel prado says:

    is incredible.

    Raquel Prado

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