The Perils of Filming in the Desert


Lets take a look over there

Lets take a look over there!

…Filming in the Gobi Desert is an unpredictable science as our cameraman Terry discovered to his misfortune today.  What for him began as a serene day of filming the scavenger wildlife attracted by a nearby camel carcass, ended up as race against the clock to reach poor Terry as both he and his camouflage hide were battered for over 2 hours by gale force winds and swirling sand.  Thankfully Terry was carrying his BBC satellite phone with him and he managed to get a message to our team a few hours drive away to come and rescue him.  This in itself turned into a small expedition thanks to the sandstorm, which had created a lovely new dune directly across the path of the only thoroughfare we knew of through the mountains of sand.  The resultant rescue mission has a certain comedic element to it.

Here is the last picture taken of our Tel before we left him in the morning with a packed lunch happily filming from his protective tent.

Photo Copyright: Karina Moreton

Photo Copyright: Karina Moreton

Watch here to see the scene we returned to in the late afternoon after we responded to his emergency call…

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7 Responses to “The Perils of Filming in the Desert”

  1. Jenn P says:

    Hey, omg, my dad didnt even tell me! Seems thats my uncle braving it again for the sake of a good shot! 😀 Im glad your alright, Awesome shots and article btw.

  2. We says:

    Tel as elegant as ever

  3. LU says:

    All in a day’s work eh – think you better get your butt back to NZ and hang up that damn camera.

  4. Peter Clark says:

    Great to see you are working.
    You get all the good ones.
    Hope they didnt remove the lunch allowance off you.

  5. Wiz says:

    Way to go Terry, just like a good days fishing at the Maketu, LMFAO

  6. Anonymous says:

    That really is the one and only terry tight pants, love your work bruv, regards mr hiles.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks mate! Reminds me I still owe you Five pounds for the tobacco,
    Best, Tel

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