Human Planet, Planeta Humano

The Journey Begins

Is anybody reading?

Is anybody reading yet?

…Welcome to the beginning of a rather extraordinary journey.  Over the next 20 months I will be accompanying BBC film crews on a groundbreaking voyage around Planet Earth to document the remarkable ways in which the human species has adapted to living within our world’s natural environments.  During this time, we will be visiting people in their own unique habitats, from the Arctic to the Sahara.  From  the high Himalaya to the remotest island archipelagos.  This will be a journey into the world of the human animal, at a time in history when our species, populating every corner of the world, is becoming connected like no other time.

My job on this journey will be to photograph the people we meet.  The purpose of this blog will be to offer you an insight into the things I experience, and the ways that I work.  Using commentary, photographs and video, I hope to share a little of my personal journey with you, wherever you might be in the World.  At the end of it all, the 8 part TV series Human Planet will air in the UK and shortly afterwards in the rest of the world.  At the same time a book will be released to accompany the films.

Since filming has already begun on the series, for the next few posts I will update you on the places I have visited so far.  Ethiopia (twice), Spain, Niger and Greenland.  From then on, using my laptop and a satellite phone, I will post weekly updates from around the globe as I travel.

So, thanks for dropping by.  Subscribe to the blog now and join me on this truly amazing photographic journey around the world.


Check out the BBC’s Human Planet site HERE

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  2. Timothy says:

    You did a great job with the limited camera gear. The turquoise lake looks absolutely amazing.

  3. says:

    Hiking on the Tibetan side up to base camp of mount Everest. Was an amazing experience, just the sheer willpower to breathe through every step.
    amazing huge barren vistas.
    My very amateurish photos taken with a small Nikon to avoid carrying excess gear can be viewed on the link below

  4. Timothy says:

    That picture was taken in North West Bhutan… not too far from the Tibet border. The computer was mine of course – I was showing the monks a slideshow. Were you hiking around Everest on the Tibetan side? I’ve always wanted to do that. Love to hear more about it – or see some pics?

    Thanks for subscribing. After Africa, we’re off to Brazil next.

  5. says:

    Will put your website on my blog, cannot wait to follow the journey

  6. says:

    Just fell upon your blog and will immediately subscribe…being a frustrated traveller…frustrated only by the lack of time! was this picture taken in Tibet? I spent time in a few monasteries there and never was a computer in sight.My most extraordinary moment was watching the sunrise by frigid temperature at the base of Mount Everest ready to start the hike.
    i would readily trade my business and its demand for such a journey…

  7. bilal says:

    have fun boys.

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