The Joys of Camping


Our camp in the mountains

A room with a view

…Traveling to remote places involves a certain degree of hardiness on the part of our film crews. Isolated communities rarely possess the means to support large groups of outsiders and consequently, on these journeys, all of us are spending quite a bit of time under canvas.  The mountains of Northern Ethiopia were one such place.

With so many of us now living in towns, it’s easy to forget that the natural world is our home.  We can be forgiven for feeling separate from nature when all we can see around us are man-made things.  The truth is we are not separate.  We are nature. We are the human animal who just got very good at building a shell around ourselves within which we feel safe.  There are a lot of unhappy people living in cities.  I think I am one of them.  In my case I reckon that this unhappiness arises from a detachment from nature.  Maybe you are the same.  There’s a simple way to find out.  Go and gift yourself some quiet time alone with mother nature and see how you feel in the moment.  If you’re anything like me, you might notice a beauty that can help put some of the more convoluted aspects of life into context.


Has anyone seen my copy of 'Hello' magazine?

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  1. Vibeke Mascini says:

    Dear Timothy Allen,

    a week ago I returnd from a trip through Ethiopie.
    for a week I’ve been looking forward to going there again.
    somehow, through the internet, I got on your website and,
    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your pictures and stories of Ethiopie.
    So, thanks for sharing them.

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