My Scar Tattoo


…It was September last year when we spent time filming with the Suri Tribe in Southern Ethiopia.  Half a year on, and I still have one memory from my time there permanently imprinted in my mind.  Well, on my body actually… and semi-permanently I think .  Whilst we were there I had my shoulder scarred with a toxic plant to form a tattoo.  Don’t ask me what the name of the plant was. All I remember is that it was a grass, which a local lady had stripped of its cuticle to reveal a white sap within.  The strips of grass were then laid on my skin and left for 20 minutes while the poison scarred my arm.  It didn’t hurt much.  I will liken it to the aching feeling you get after you’ve had a series of injections in your upper arm.  Sleeping on it at night was uncomfortable for a couple of nights too.

The scar immediately after the grass was removed from my arm

The scar immediately after the grass was removed from my arm

After 2 weeks the scabs had fallen off revealing a white imprint of the pattern the grass had made on my skin. The Suri told me that the scar would last a year.  I think it probably will.  Anyway, 6 months later this is what it looks like…

The scar 6 months later

The scar 6 months later

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  1. Willraven says:

    I’d love to grow some of that grass in my backyard for when I want a scar tattoo. Heck, even my front yard, that’ll stop the neighbor’s cats!

  2. Bill Bartmann says:

    I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work

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