Workshops & Photo Expeditions with Timothy Allen

Photo expeditions

Photo expeditions far off the beaten track

Our workshops & expeditions offer photographers the chance to shoot & study alongside Timothy.  Attendees can expect to learn about all aspects of the photography industry as well as improving their skills at capturing both intimate and epic travel photography.

The UK-based programme includes behind-the-scenes slideshows, talks and post production seminars as well as shooting & editing trips near Timothy’s home in rural Wales. They also offer like minded photographers the chance to meet and share over an enjoyable weekend in a beautiful part of the country.

Our photo expeditions offer the chance to travel and shoot with Timothy in some of the lesser known corners of our planet. These tailor made trips are organised using the same crew and fixers that run our professional film and photo shoots.  They are specialist journeys designed for the more intrepid photographer looking to immerse themselves in the kind of situations commonly seen in Timothy’s photos.

Here is a short film made during our latest ‘Migration of the Eagle Hunters’ expedition:

.  .  .

Timothy also runs a travel photography scholarship in the United Arab Emirates.  The workshop is free and spaces will be awarded to 5 photographers each year.

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We offer the following events each year:

‘Migration of the Eagle Hunters’ Expedition (February, Western Mongolia, 14 days)

The Summer Expedition (July, Western Mongolia, 14 days)

The Summer Photography Retreat (August, Wales, 2 days)

Timothy Allen Travel Photography Scholarship (United Arab Emirates)

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Please note: Places on our workshops and expeditions sell out very quickly.  If you are interested in joining future events, please fill out the form below and we will add you to our mailing list.  You will only receive an email when we are about to announce a new event and you can unsubscribe at any time. Many thanks.